Angry Birds 

“let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” James 1:19

The opposite would be “slow to hear, quick to speak, fast to anger”. Social media sites have made this really easy. Someone posts something snarky, mean, cruel, or just plain stupid and we get sucked in. The blood pressure rises the heart rate goes up and we don’t accomplish the righteousness of God.

Some guys are angry workers. Angry at the dishes. Angry at the wall that needs repair. That faucet makes me angry. In the meantime our kids are dreading working alongside of us because they don’t want to work with angry dad or mom.

Don’t get sucked in today by all the angry people in the world. There’s plenty of that going around. Try something different and get the different results you’re after.

Lord take away my anger over little interruptions. If there’s dishes to do it’s because my boys are still here. Thank you for them and the time I get with them. Give me patience at home and work, and help me to be different. Amen

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