Death By Syntax 

We want our lives to be in perfect order. We want our sentences to have perfect syntax and flow. That way everyone will know we are ok.  We try to fit into everyone’s expectations of ourselves that way we don’t break the unsaid code. You base everything you know off of other people’s thoughts and so we don’t think for ourselves. One of the first things I tell people as a pastor is that 

 you need to question everything

Questioning everything is what led me to actually reading the Bible. Where I found these rediculous prophecies that no one in their right mind could turn away from. These things actually happened in history and were foretold.  Questioning everything is what led me to see countless men and women who broke syntax with very messy lives to the glory of God. If you try to cram yourself into the syntax of the world you’re going to die of boredom. You’re going to try and look good on the outside but you’re going to be screaming inside.  

Maybe God has fiercly taken all your scrabble pieces and turned the table upside down because you are framing a rediculously boring syntax that has nothing to do with who you’ve been made to be!

One of the scariest and exciting prayers to pray.   

I freaking dare you 

“God please turn my life upside down so I can be alive in You!” 

This is between you and God. It’s not between you and your spouse, or your boyfriend, mom, or dad. Your other relationship will right themselves after you surrender to the most exciting lover, the most radical leader, the one who fiercely loved you so much he died for you. He is the painter of the beautiful sunset, the maker of the storm, and he can handle you the way you’re meant to be handled. If you’re in a storm praise be to God!  There’s a heavenly language, a heavenly syntax we have not even begun to scratch the surface. Trust him he’s so faithful. That’s why James says to count it all joy when you encounter trials because your life is about to be changed. 

I can’t hardly believe what God has done in my life. The story is beginning to unfold for me. All I can say at this point is that God is not boring. He’s not an event.  He cannot be contained to your syntax. I love my scars. I’ve been in the heat of battle and have scars! My scars preach grace. I’ve been on the front line and when all you have left is Jesus you have all you need. He fought so fiercely for me and I’m completely overwhelmed right now in this stage of my life by the grace of God. 

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