Stories of Willow Creek Church- Nathan Graber (That Others May Live)

Here’s a picture of me giving Nathan a beat down. I met Nathan in the back of an ambulance. I could see God all over this dude and knew God had big plans for this young skinny tall wimpy kid before Nathan knew it.  We invited Nathan to live with us at North Star Bible Camp. I was training for the Alaska 212 fighting rescue unit which is a very unique special ops group in Anchorage Alaska.

There are only 300 of these guys in the world and just a handful in Anchorage. Their motto is “that others may live”. After a grueling 9 hr test there were 3 of us standing at the end of the day. As I interviewed I sat there barely able to see because of the chlorine drowning I received and I felt completley stoned out of my mind from the endorphin rush. I was asked to come back and months later suffered a neck injury that led my wife and I to believe God had a different plan. 

Nathan on the other hand continued training and turned into a beast. He also went through the test and killed it. He interviewed and was hired. He now trains with the big dogs and is well headed on his way. This Sunday Nathan is getting baptized. It’s going to be a hard one for me emotionally. 

I suddenly realize that it doesn’t take joining an elite fighting/rescue team to live for the motto “that others may live”. I suddenly realize that planting churches is that for me.  The last 3 years for me has been about rescuing people physically and spiritually behind enemy lines. 

Willow Creek Church is about rescuing people behind enemy lines. We aren’t afraid to go places religious people fear to tread.  I pray we have that kind of simple hardcore quality.  We don’t need more teachers, we need more fathers. We don’t need more events we need more eye contact. We don’t need more phony people who pretend to be perfect we need humble confident worshippers who value Jesus. I’d rather pour all my energy into a small team of people who are simple hardcore quality beasts then thousands of people who just are in love with dreaming all day long. 

Willow Creek Church may not be the place for you and that’s ok. Nothing hurt by it. I’m not everybodies buddy. You won’t catch me in a church office. The only board meetings I’m into involve some kind of water/snow sport.  I don’t care if you tithe or dont tithe. I get my paycheck another way so I don’t become a slave of the system, and that way I’m not afraid of telling people the truth. Finances are used for real mission around here, and you don’t have to go to Africa for that it’s right here. 

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